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Welcome to Liam's Shining Stars, where we are striving to make a difference in the life of kids with intellectual and physical disabilities. Here, our mission is to help. We raise money to support kids in school systems that need our help. All those kids with intellectual and physical disabilities. We want to make a difference. We want to buy the supplies that these students need to be just as successful as we are. We want to provide training for teachers and staff. We want to help. We are doing that in many ways. You can donate to our cause, and we also have a shop to raise money that has everything from masks to T-shirts. You can help by donating or by nominating a school or a teacher in your community. Thank you for your help!

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Our Mission 

From the start of this journey, our mission has been to help our community and for us, that means we want to help the students all around us. We want to provide the tools and the support needed for those in the school system who need a little extra help in terms of support or resources, whether the student we are helping has ADHD or if they have Down Syndrome. We can help these students with learning differences by providing them with the classroom tools and resources they need to keep up with their fellow students. This non-profit's goal is to raise money to help these kids, all the while staying kind to everyone and looking out for our community. In our community, the Liam’s Shining Stars non-profit organization will help these students no matter what. ​​

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Nominate a School

Through you nominating a school, we can know if we are donating to a school or a teacher that will have an immediate effect. Just fill out the form below, and we will try to donate to your school! This also helps me make sure that we are donating to a school that needs the funding or resources because this school has students already enrolled or will be enrolled that can benefit directly from the donation. Thank you for your support and for helping us help those you love and know.

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